You are happy that your child is going to school and studying well. But one day the child comes back with few marks on his body. Not just that he is even bleeding. You ask him, how it happened and the child gives a reply that somebody has beaten him in the school. This painful and dreadful act is called school violence and it is creating a lot of trouble among people.


If you are thinking that school violence is a new problem then you are totally wrong! It has its roots in the ancient time as well. The bath school disaster is a popular incident that happened on 18 May 1927. After that, other incidents like Columbine High School massacre, Virginia Tech massacre etc had occurred that showed the large amount of school violence occurring in schools. These incidents have killed large amount of people including children, teachers and principals. They have compelled parents and teachers to think that whether schools are a safe place for students or not?


These incidents received a great amount of media coverage and they were on the newspaper headlines for a large number of days as well. Though media covered all aspects of these incidents but it is important that they should focus on other aspects as well. They should tell ways by which these things can be controlled and reduced. It is the responsibility of the media to see and present things clearly in front of the world. In addition they should also try to tell the solutions of these problems. Media should help parents and schools in combating school violence.


If schools are unable to solve the problem of violence on their own then they can take external help as well. This external help can be taken from the counselors or psychiatrists. These people are having the specialization on child’s psychology and they understand the behavior of the child very well. Schools can adopt the techniques of student profiling that can tell you about the student’s violent acts in advance. Thus with the help of this technique, schools can prevent the occurrence of school violence.


Considering the fact that children are innocent and they really don’t know that what is right or wrong it becomes the duty of the schools and parents to teach them about all these aspects. If schools are unable to do so, then they are not serving the purpose of their existence. Schools are accountable for providing all three kinds of learning to the students- academic, social and emotional. It is important to note that children will learn what they will see. If they get a good environment then they are sure to groom their personality in the right manner. However as against this, if they will see a bad environment then they will learn the same which is indeed a very bad thing. Prevention or reduction of violence is the dire need of today’s society. Violence cannot be controlled by killing or going for methods like mass extermination. It can only be controlled by giving proper education that includes civic sense and by giving proper guidance, love, care, affection and support to the violent students. So it is the duty of the media, schools and parents to reduce violent acts in schools and by this way school violence can be prevented in all schools in all areas.