School Violence Laws

Federal laws are playing a very important role in controlling the incidents of school violence across the United States of America. Billy Wolfe story is known to everyone. Billy Wolfe was being bullied by two guys from Fayetteville High School, Arkansas. These guys were constantly beating him either in the bathroom, or in the school bus, or on the way to his home, or in the nearby shop. He was being beaten even in the coaching class. These incidents are not of one day, they took place on several days. But these incidents had hampered the mental state of Billy Wolfe. His parents had taken the issue to the parents of the children who were bullying him and even to the principal of the high school but they did nothing. They had just given them consolation.
Students who were troubling Billy Wolfe got more confidence because of no action taken against them. So, they started torturing him even more. Therefore Billy’s parents left with no choice other than going to the court. Court paid great attention towards the matter and on the basis of witnesses and evidences court has given the judgment in the favor of Billy Wolfe. This was the first case related to school violence that had reached court. Session judge of that time S.M. Smith had said that it was the duty of the school administration to solve all these issues that are related to school violence. If schools are unable to tackle it or if it involves some act of killing then the parents or schools should knock the doors of court else school authorities should try to solve it at their level. It is their duty to promote peace and prosperity in the society and in the country. They should provide a friendly environment to the kids so that they can develop better and with right attitude. Schools should teach that even weak people are having the fundamental right to live. The session judge had said that Billy Wolfe parents can easily ask for compensation if they want. Billy Wolfe and his parents had many troubles because of these students so getting compensation is their right.
The story does not end here. Other incidents like ColumbineHigh School massacre, BathSchool disaster and Virginia Tech massacre are among the biggest examples of school violence occurring in schools. Students who are strong are living without fear and troubling other kids whereas students who are weak are scared of going to school. Now the officials from anti bullying police have become compulsory in colleges and high schools. Parents are allowed to take strict action against the schools if they are not doing anything against school violence.  They can even knock the doors of police or court.
Court and police are there to help parents and children but still it is the duty of parents to make their child mentally more strong and powerful so that he/she can tackle these issues properly. They should not be sacred of these violent children and should not go down into the depression.