What Causes School Violence

Understanding the causes of school violence is the best start in working to prevent it. While not every incident of school violence can necessarily be pinpointed down to one cause, there are many preventable factors at play that lead up to these incidents. We will explore these here in this category.

We’ve all wondered what causes school violence, especially since the Columbine shootings first grabbed international attention in 1999, making the world question the safety of our skills and our children. In any traumatic incident there is always finger pointing that goes on, but before pointing fingers and laying blame it’s important to understand all of the potential causes involved. This is what we do here in this section.

The articles here will cover the possible causes of school violence such as domestic abuse, overcrowded schools, gang activity, drugs, depression, anger issues and more. Learn about the factors that you as a parent, teacher or even student, have control over as well as outside factors that may play a role in school violence. This section is geared to help educate everyone on the causes of school violence so that we can all take responsibility for our parts and start doing all we can to prevent our children from being a victim or inflicting violence on another person.

Again, there is no one specific cause known for school violence and it has been shown that this is a multi-faceted problem which is why we cover so many different issues here. By understanding the causes and talking to your children about them you just may be able to help someone before it’s too late. It has been shown with cases such as the Columbine shootings that there were several factors at play that led to the shooters actions. Had these causes been noted sooner and addressed there may have been a different outcome. We can’t go back in time and change what was, but hopefully by raising awareness to the causes of school violence we can help prevent future tragedies in our schools.

We believe that you may be surprised to know what some of the possible causes and triggers of school violence are and may even spot things that are going on right before your eyes in your very own home or school. The content in this section will prove very informative and enlightening for many.