Movies encourage violent activities in school

School violence is on an alarming rise in schools, especially in the schools of America. There have been many incidents of violence reported in these schools. The students are getting into violence at a very young age and this is creating lot of problems for the parents, teachers and principal. The violence is not only affecting the child indulging in violent acts but also the kids around him.


TV shows and movies have really made a very negative impact on the behaviour of the students. There are movies which show different kinds of weapons that are available in today’s world and also how could they be used in practice. The usage of weapons on screen looks very heroic to the kids and they buy these weapons and try to use it on their friends and the people around them. These kids are very innocent and ignorant at times that they are not aware how bad an effect these weapons and their usages could have on their career and future. It is the duty of the parents to see that these kids are not exposed to movies like this which not only wastes their time but also inculcates bad and violent behaviour in them.


The problem in United States of America is that these weapons are easily available and is accessible to anyone. This is something that the kids take advantage of and start buying these weapons. They think that using weapons would make them superior to others. As a result of this, there are many mishaps and violent activities taking place on campus. The Columbine high school massacre, Bath School disaster, Virginia tech massacre, etc. are some of the examples. These incidents cause lot of damage to men and property and lot of people were killed because of these attacks. There were many injuries caused as well and that had resulted in lot of furor and chaos in the country.    


Morals and values are something that children should know but because of the impact of violence, there are lots of kids who are losing touch of their moral values. Movies and films have made them think that if they do that same action or violence, which they see in movies, in school as well, then they would become popular too. The fame might be there but it would be negative in nature and would have a very bad impact. So it is necessary that parents watch out for such things and do not let them happen at all.


It is the government of America that should come into the picture and start banning such violent movies for kids. They should introduce new laws as to how much violence should be used in movies. Children are the backbones of every country and it is the responsible of the government to take care of them and provide them with a wonderful environment for growth. Instead of watching violent movies, the kids should be made to watch informative movies which would be helpful in grooming their future.