School Violence-How does it happen?


Schools of today are not the same as they were. At present schools have lots of violence and physical abuses than in a fight club. The reported cases of theft, one student inflicting pain on other student, gang wars etc are on the high these days. All these acts of misconduct are generally referred to as school violence. Well such small acts of misconduct can be tolerated but these days the violence has gone such a high extremity that students who are not even crossed their adolescence are not afraid to handle a gun or a knife. They are quite ready to screw their fellow mates when a rift of some sort arises among them.
It is indeed very disturbing to see such acts of misconduct in a noble and a divine place like schools. However we cannot deny or oppose the fact that such terrible things are happening in most schools across the world and especially United States of America where the cases are more severe and on a larger scale. What could possibly the reasons for such violent acts of misconduct to happen in a divine place like a school?
The first and foremost reason would be attributed to the arrogant nature of a child. If a child is arrogant then it is natural that he will tend to raise problems with his fellow classmates which could ultimately end up in a brawl. It would be pleasing if the brawls end where they should end because it is natural for students to pick up a fight with their fellow mates. But the real problem arises when hatred and an eye for vengeance develops in the minds of the children. They never forget the insult and physical abuse and they will be waiting for the right moment to spring on their rival.
The above mentioned reason is because of an arrogant child. There are some cases when an absolutely normal and silent child might be a cause for school violence. Silent and less aggressive children are more prone to be victims of ragging and abuse by seniors and other dominating children in the same class. At one point of time these less aggressive characters get outraged and outbursts a fury that probably no one can counter. This is another route which can cause school violence.
Then there are cases when the school authorities are inattentive towards their wards. For example, children in their adolescent ages do have a tendency to be fascinated by everything they see and feel at hand. So the chances of them bring weapons like knives, mace etc are quite normal which could lead to a violence of some forms when a brawl happens inside the school premises. So the authorities should be careful and watchful enough to prevent students from bringing such weapons of harm to schools. There are other simple reasons like the gang rivalries, jealousy, hatred, depression etc which can lead to school violence as well. So look into these matters very carefully in order to avoid school violence.