What are the causes of school violence


School violence is a terrible issue for schools these days. Children are getting violent and disturbing other children who are coming to schools, teachers and principals as well. Children are bringing weapons like knives and guns to school and are harming and even killing students, teachers and other people. But what is the reason behind such things?
Reasons for violent attitude among children-
·        Atmosphere of the house- if the children are not getting proper environment in the home then they tend to become violent. If they see that their parents are fighting and beating each other then they also learn the same.
·        Depression- if a child is in depression then also he /she can become violent and can show this violence in school.
·        Weapons- in this era weapons are easily available to the kids by illegal means. They buy these weapons through such means and use them in schools.
·        Stress and anxiety- there are chances that the person can become violent because of stress and anxiety. Children are under the constant stress due to studies and career so the chances of becoming violent are more if they have stress and anxiety.
·        Media effect- lots of violence is being showed in films and televisions. Children are watching these programs and films and in turn they are becoming violent. They see violent scenes in TV and films like the use of knives and guns for killing other people and practice them in their life too.
·        Group effect- children tend to become violent if they are the part of the group in which all members are violent. If their friends are violent and showing violence in school then they will learn the same thing and they will also express violence in school.
·        Lack of counseling- if a child is not given proper counseling and proper love and affection then the chances of becoming violent are more.
·        No guidance in difficulties- if no guidance has been provided during difficulties then they tend to become violent. They are unable to solve problems on their own and this irritates them.
All these reasons are responsible for children getting violent day by day. So it is the duty of the parents, teachers and schools to pay attention towards these factors so that the violence among children can be reduced. There are large numbers of psychiatrists and counselors are available and teachers and parents can take their help. These kinds of people are having specialization in child psychology. But before choosing a psychiatrist or counselor for children just see whether the counselor or psychiatrist you are choosing is genuine or not. Fake people are also there in the market who are having no knowledge about child psychology. If you have taken treatment of such people then it is going to trouble you and the child both. Even if an authentic and genuine counselor or psychiatrist is charging high then also you should opt for them. It is the matter of child’s future and you should choose the best for children.