Factors Affecting Violent Trait Development

School violence is a social evil that terrorizes the teachers, the staff, the management and more seriously the fellow innocent students. In this terrible situation, the students of high schools are seen carrying weapons such as knives, cutlasses, clubs and guns. They attack innocent students, the teachers and the staff. They form angry mob, unleashing terror to everyone in the school, inflicting physical harm to victims, setting buildings ablaze and causing all sort of destructions. At times it gets so serious that it requires the urgent deployment of law enforcement agents to convert the situation.


The primary aim of the establishment of the school is to serve as a training ground for the production of useful and responsible members of the larger society as well as the source of quality future leadership. The fact that children are becoming so violent to the extent that they mercilessly inflict physical harm on vulnerable innocent students and their teachers, or even go to the extend of killing them, is an indication that the case of school violence requires serious attention and tackle by the government. Come to think of it, why does the child becomes violent?


Now let us consider the factors that cause a child to become violent. The factors are mentioned below.


One possible cause of the development of violent trait in a child is, if the parents are in constant fights, and are aggressive to each other or one is of the parents is exhibiting that to the other, then the child could pick this trait and exhibit it as personal trait. The result is that the child becomes violent. The parents should understand the terrible implications of confronting each other before the child and should refrain from that act.


Stress, anxiety, and depression are all causes of a child becoming violent. This factor, however, can be reduced or eliminated completely by proper counseling of the child by the teachers and the parents. Also showing love, affection and compassion may also contribute in eliminating the trait in the child.


Movies: Excessive watch of the movies classified as ‘Action Packed movies’ have the tendency of instilling in the heart of the child violent trait. The parents need to ensure they screen the types of films their children watch with a view to ensuring that the films they watch are not ‘action packed’ films that will instill in them negative tendencies in their minds.


Peer group Influence: the kind of friends the child interacts with affects his behaviors some times. A child who mingles with children with violent behavior tends to pick some of these behaviors and consequently becoming violent himself.          


As a matter of fact, it takes some amount of hard work to tackle cases of violent behavior already developed in a child. However, considering the aforementioned tips with a view to implementing them will reduce, in no small measures, the violent trait exhibited by a child. The tips are easy to comprehend and implement. The benefits derivable from them are wonderful. They will not only free the child from the violent trait, but will also make him a responsible member of the society and the pride of the parents.