You might not know the full impact of school violence unless you are a regular viewer of the news channels. No matter your socio-political status, you cannot but grow worried when you hear from the station, the spate of killings, rape attempts, injuring or cyber bullying. These are just but few of inhumanity some groups of hooliganisms who called themselves students subject his/her fellow human beings. What then is the root cause and what makes it grow at an alarming rate daily?


Firstly, students are the product of their environment. You will agree with me that students are not living in another planet nor living in isolation. But for clarity sake; be reminded that students are living where parents, teachers and friends live. Even though students are the major actors in all school violence but the truth is that the environment contributes largely through the promotion of ethical films and games. It is not all films that are watch-able even to the grown ups, acting contrary therefore can be injurious. When students watch horror film, war films and many more immoral films, the spirit of same overpower them and the resultant effects are seeing in the school violence.


Secondly, to maintain at least a minimum standard of living, both parents engage in different jobs to make their livelihood. In most cases, these jobs could be so demanding that taking care of children becomes secondary. It is therefore loneliness that prompts most children to crime. Rather than sharing their curiosity, ignorance and fears with parents, they end up sharing it with “the enemies”. To stop school violence, the parents should stop playing kite with the future of their children. They should rearrange their priority and give the kids welfare much more attention.


The school administrators, teachers and other member of staff too have their own portion of blame if school violence is to be objectively analyzed and addressed. Teachers should not forget that if there are no students, there will be nobody called teachers. Teacher earns their living because students are there in the class and paying their school fees. The parents and students therefore deserve value for their money. Teachers should also see themselves as parents by extension to these children. Let a naturally born teachers wake-up to their duties not only in academics but also in guiding their student to a greater tomorrow. I think the joy of seeing your students progressing in life should supersedes any amount of money. The bitter truth is, if students are fully aware that teachers are genuinely love them, they in turn will be respectful and much more obedience to them.


In addition, the school authorities and the teachers should stop seeing their student as money making customers. Let them consciously understudy the psychology of each student and thereby be willing to help whenever the need arise. Once again, the parents should be made to realize that if children are left uncared for, same children will destroy all that they have labored for in a twinkle of an eye.


If all the above highlights are well observed, the issue of student violent will inevitably be eradicated in or dear nation.