Reasons for school violence


School violence is the major issue for the schools of the United States of America. In schools few children are getting violent and they are troubling other students, teachers and parents.
What are the reasons for school violence?
There are many reasons that can lead to school violence like-
·       House environment- if the parents of the children are constantly fighting with each other and are using abusive language at home then children will learn it as well. They will practice these things in schools and will trouble other students and teachers.
·       Easy availability of weapons- in this era weapons are easily available through illegal means. Children buy these weapons from illegal sources and use them in schools to threaten or to bully other children. They even use these weapons to kill other people as well. If you will look into the history then you will see examples where violent students have killed other students like Virginia Tech massacre incident that took place in the year 2007. It was among the most dreadful incidents of school violence. It occurred on 16 April in Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, United States. Seung Hui Cho killed thirty two people in 2 separate attacks. A large number of people were injured in this attack and later on Seung Hui Cho  committed suicide. This was the deadliest shooting incident ever committed by a single person in the history of the United States of America.
·       Depression and anxiety- any kind of stress, tension and anxiety can lead to violence among children. If they are under severe depression then it may be possible that they can express their depression by becoming violent. This violence can include anything like theft, rape, bullying and killing other people etc.
·        No love and affection- if a child is not given proper love and affection then also he/she can become violent.
·       Teachers are not supportive- if teachers are not helping the child during difficulties then the child will get frustrated and this frustration can lead to violence. So it is the duty of the teachers to lend a helping hand to the students. If teachers are unable to do it then it is a huge question mark on the credibility of the teachers.
·       Career- if a child is unable to decide what he/she wants in life or if he/she is not sure about his/her future then the chances of becoming violent is more. Violent attitude will not only create problems to other students and teachers but it will destroy the child’s career as well. So if you want to save children from becoming violent then you can take the help of career counselor as well. They are specialized people and are having full knowledge. They know about the career aspects and growth available in every sector.
Reasons for school violence are many but there is no medicine that can reduce violet behavior. It can only be done by providing proper love, support and affection to the child.