The causes of violence in school

The most horrible problem faced by the most of schools these days is the problem of school violence. It is seen that children are getting violent on an increasing scale and thereby, also disturb the other students, who want to study honestly and work hard. They not only disturb the other students, but also the teachers, principals and other school authorities, as well. It is very commonly seen that the violent kids get weapons to the schools that include revolvers, knives, etc. They do not feel embarrassed or ashamed to arm or even kill other children, teachers, or any other school staff. However, there is something that provokes such attitude in these young minds. Let us have a detailed look at the causes of violence in the school.

Causes of violent behavior in children at the schooling age:

  1. Stress and depression- if a child is over stressed or depressed, then there are higher possibilities of him to get violent and showcase it in the school favorably.
  2. Environment in the house- if your kid fails to get an enriching or a good environment in the home place, then there is a tendency of him getting violent very soon. If he commonly views his parents beating, fighting, using abusive language, etc. he imitates the same at play or in the school.
  3. Anxiety- there is great possibilities that an individual may get violent due to higher anxiety levels. Many a times, it is seen that the young mind is over stressed continuously, may be because of studies, career, examinations, etc. This increases the chances of him getting violent.
  4. Easy availability of weapons- in this century, the kids can easily access any weapon in an illegal way. They make an effort to purchase it through wrong ways and then try to utilize the same in the schools just to gain some name and fame.
  5. Effect of medias- this is the highest cause of generating negative attitudes in children. Children observe a lot of violence here and then they try to depict it in their real life. There are TV programs and movies that show violent scenes such as usage of weapons like knife or gun openly in the public. They observe and hence, learn the same.
  6. No counseling- if your kid does not get proper counseling, affection or love, then he will become violent very soon.
  7. Effect of Peers- a child tends to get violent, if he is having a peer group in which all his friends are violent. If his friends demonstrate violent behavior and language, then imitate and learn the same quite easily without any efforts, as such.
  8. Lack of guidance in their difficult times- if the child does not receive proper guidance and support, at the time when he needs it the most, then there is tendency in them to become violent. They cannot resolve their own problems and this highly makes them irritated.

So, take proper measures at the proper time to prevent the feelings of violent behavior in the child, after all it is the question of his future.