Psychological factors in school violence


What are the reasons for the school violence that is occurring in schools?
There are large numbers of reasons because of which school violence is occurring in schools. But psychological factors play an important role in the school violence issues. Children are not born violent but they become violent with the passage of time and due to the circumstances as well. Basically violent thinking comes from mind and mind starts thinking negatively when it is disturbed and full of dissatisfaction.
Various psychological factors because of which children are adopting violent attitudes are-
Divorce- parents of the children are taking divorce at the early stage of marriage. Childhood is a very small age. Just think about the situation of a child who is watching his parents getting divorced. Imagine the kind of mental disturbance he will have. This mental tension and pressure will lead to violence in the child. As a result of it the child becomes violent and will show this violent attitude in schools.
Pressure- now-a-days children are having great mental pressure. The parents of the children want that their children should excel in every field. Thus they are creating large amount of metal pressure on them. Children are unable to handle this mental pressure and in turn become violent. By becoming violent they not only trouble themselves but to the other people as well.
Fighting- if they see constant fighting in the house then they will learn violence from the house. Children learn things easily and if they see fights they learn them too. If they see that their parents are beating each other then they will learn the same thing.
Depression- if a child is under depression then also he/she can develop violent attitude. As a result of this violent attitude they bully, threaten, fights and kill other children, teachers and principals.
Friends- friends are having great psychological effect on the child. A child is very much influenced by his friends. So if the friends of the child are showing violent attitude then chances are there that the child will develop it as well. Whole group of the child is termed as violent and they all exhibit violent activities in schools.
Fame- some children are having psychology that they want to become famous either by hook or crook. So if they are unable to become famous by adopting right means they go for wrong means and opt for another way for becoming famous in school. They start exhibiting violent acts in schools.
Lack of love and affection- it has been proved scientifically as well that if a child is not getting proper love and affection then he/she will have mental disturbance. This mental disturbance can lead to violent attitude in the child.
All the above factors are the psychological factors which give rise to violent feeling in the child. If you want that children should not fall into the trap of negative thinking then proper steps should be laid on.