A Closer Look at School Violence

The US problem with school violence is getting severe.  Violence by students involve the use of lethal weapons in school like guns and knives amongst others.  Not only is this bothersome to students, it also affects school personnel as well.  These violent students not only disrupt their academic career but also the academic careers of their classmates and schoolmates.


Children are becoming more violent due to several factors:

·         Severe depression- this contemporary age has its own set of stressors. Children are susceptible to stress and tension which in turn can lead to depression. Depression in turn becomes violence for these children.

·         Effect of films- violent content in films. Watching of violent films by children in turn makes these children learn violence. The liberal use of weapons like knives and guns are shown in these films and soon they learn to use these weapons.

·         Illegal selling of weapons- the prolific abundance of illegal weapons and accessibility.. Children can buy from an illegal source and use these weapons in school to threaten and bully other children.

·         Home environment- parents are unaware that it is not right to fight in front of their children. Physical abuse and abusive language are often made in front of children. Children imbibe these behaviors and later on repeat it in school. Abusive language at home also leads to abusive language in the school. Being beaten at home no less brings also a violent nature to school.

·         No support and assistance- A lack of a healthy outlet for a child who is frustrated or has problems will lead the child to choose violence as an outlet.

·         Group effect- peer group pressure among the young especially in the group, and more so if the group is violent in nature

·         Lack of proper love and affection- a child who does not grow in an environment of love and care will be prone to violence


If one wants to get rid of these violent tendencies then proper steps and measures have to be taken. Though difficult, a child’s nature is not impossible to change. In following the following measures it can be done by:

·         Provision of proper love and affection to the child.

·         Ensuring children have proper assistance and guidance during difficulties.

·         By providing children the environment of proper love and comfort in the home.

·         Monitoring the kind of films and TV shows they are watching. To preclude them from watching any violent content.


As the children are the future, it is the parents’ duty to ensure that they develop in an upright manner and be constructive rather than destructive.