Abuse and School Violence Problem

Abuse and school violence is a common threat to a school’s reputation. Both of the situations are inter-related, even though it may not seem. A student abused will outburst at a certain point which will lead to uncontrollable violence. Schools may subdue the abused child in his/her school life, but we cannot forget what might happen afterwards. We will study how much influence abuse has on school violence and violent nature in a child’s behavior. Children should not be forced to change immediately but rather slowly as these matters tend to be very delicate.


The maximum numbers of students who are abused are mostly of mild mannered. They are less aggressive towards others. This characteristic in their nature makes them fall prey to students who are commonly termed by us as ‘bullies’. These bullies torture the less aggressive mild mannered students verbally and physically, which leads to the accumulation of vengeance towards them that are pass unnoticed. This type of accumulated hatred towards others is barely noticeable until the last moment which makes these kinds of children a threat to others at a certain point. An example of this kind of case by abused children happened in 1999 at the Columbine High School where two students killed thirteen people and injured twenty before committing suicide by shooting each other. It was later found out that the two students were physically and verbally abused by the senior student which led to unleashing their fury on others causing major damage to others.


Though fellow classmates and senior students are mostly responsible on abusing a child, we cannot also forget that the responsibility of the staff of the school too, mainly teachers. Certain bread of teachers helps others to pick on a certain lonesome student as well. Teachers use severe punishments and words which could harm a child’s psychology intensively. These actions create bad influence on students who harbors these situations mentally which helps to develop certain characteristics in him.


Some parents too help to deprive their children by pushing them into such situations. Most parents without knowledge tends to publicly abuse children by using bad words and signs which leads to the development of increasing violent behavior in him/her. A parent abusing a child causes severe psychological damage in him/her.



The case of the two students show how two completely non aggressive children committed such acts due to pressurized, intolerable abuse. These students were never reported as ignorant or irresponsible and had no bad influence on them. But not all abused children tend to do what those students did. Children commonly around every where takes these physical and verbal abuses until they become fed up to the situation and commit suicide. Parents should also consult and help teachers, if the child is sensitive than others. That is why we should take extra care on children of such age and characteristics who are commonly abused and make our goal to protect these children from any mental harassment and let them grow up in an abuse free environment.