Analyzing the Root of School Violence

News of violence at a school in today’s world is not uncommon. We come across of this news very frequently.  But ever we tried to find out the true reason behind this? The incidents are increasing every day. But the reasons of this situation are very easy to understand and it’s right in front of our eyes. In today’s fast life we give more importance to our career and goal. We are only concern about ourselves. And in this fast- lane we often forget our children. That makes them isolated with their own issues and problems. And because of that they deal with the situation with lack of experience and understanding which often leads towards violence.

Home is our first learning place. We start learning from members of family and home surroundings. By the time we attain school we are already molded according to our home educations. We send children to school expecting to get better atmosphere for education and learning but that might not be always true.

And lack of proper environment at school can lead a child towards violence. And this violence can happen inside the school campus which will mark it as school violence. A violent student can use weapons like knife or gun in a very dangerous way which can affect fellow students or teachers. Chances are more that students get violent on very minor issues which lead him to harm others.

Schools are not safer places like earlier days. In modern world schools are violent enough and its getting dangerous with the days. There are lots of factors acting as catalyst to this situation. We have to understand and identify those factors. Only proper analyzation will lead us to the accurate solution of this issue.

Often violence at home creates a deeper effect on a child and he will react accordingly at school. Hence Home environment is very important. And parents should be more careful to keep a child away from any kind of violence.  Parents’ expectation is a big burden for a child. No doubt parents always want better for their child but the expectation should be according to the ability of the child. Higher and excessive expectations create aggression in a child. Therefore understanding among the parents is very important which will stop outburst of violence in a child.

In modern ultra fast days we expect a faster and effective solution but the situation is critical and we have to take one step at a time to resolve this issue from the root. A proper and frequent communication among parents, teachers and school authorities will be a huge step towards prevention of school violence.

Another effective medium could be internet. Now-a-days a lot of good sites are available which can help parents or teachers to understand the situation. Online counseling is also available. This will help Parents and teacher alike to take proper steps.

We have to be concern about the surrounding atmosphere of school as well as home. Avoiding any type of family violence and making it healthy and open will also encourage the child.