Abuse and School Violence


There is only a thin line of difference between abuse and school violence. But on most occasions abuse is the major reason for school violence to happen. The children who are abused might be subdued in their entire life forever or they may outburst all at once which cannot be controlled. So we shall look into the influence of abuse on school violence and violent attitude in a child’s behavior.
If you look in carefully it is the weaker section of students’ i.e. the less aggressive ones who are bullied or abused by fellow classmates and other people around. But these lesser aggressive people are the most dangerous because they tend to accumulate all these abuses and vengeance in their hearts and they burst this accumulated vengeance with a fury that cannot be controlled by anyone. The best example is the Columbine High school massacre in the year 1999 where two school students killed thirteen people and injured twenty three other and finally shot themselves as well. It was reported that these students were victims of physical abuse as well as verbal abuse by their seniors and they were fed up of such mistreatment and decided to unleash their fury on others.
The above mentioned incident is a prime example of abuse influencing school violence. Those students were not someone who had an arrogant behavior or any sort of bad influence. It was only because of the intolerable abuse they encountered in the school which led to their outburst. Hence it is very important that children in schools or anywhere outside are not abused both physically as well as verbally.  However it is not that all abused children tend to develop a fury as shown by the two Columbine High school students. There are children who become fed up of being abused over and over again and ultimately they will resort to suicide.
Abuse can possibly come from anyone. It can be from the fellow classmates, the seniors in the schools, the staffs and teachers inside the school and even parents too. Abuse from fellow classmates is on the higher side when you look into the statistics. But there are cases where teachers do have their share as well. Some teachers tend to punish a particular student so severely and use words that could harm the sentiments of that child. The child will never be able to recuperate from such kind of situations and he will develop arrogant attitude for sure.
Parents too tend to abuse their children occasionally. For example, they may like the teachers punish them excessively which could have a serious psychological impact on the child. Using foul words and words of disgrace in public are also some forms of abuse which could very well lead to your child developing a violent attitude. So it is extremely important for us to understand how severe any form of abuse could be to a child’s attitude. Hence it is of prime importance that abuse of any form should be avoided to ensure that your child grows up as a confident lad.