Issues associated with school violence

Parents wish that child studies and grow properly. They wish to send him to a school that will offer him to right ambience to educate him. However, one fine day they see that their kid returns back from the school with a cut on his body. It is bleeding and the child is going through pains. You question your kid about the event that has occurred and about the bleeding. He answers back that a child from another school has done it and he will be no more going to school from that day.

The above beating and bullying is due to school violence and it is seen increasing to a great extent in the schools nowadays. School violence is a terrible and a painful problem. Children with violent attitudes are posing great problems to the other students. Children try to threaten others, bully others, hurt or harm them by making use of different weapons like knives and revolvers.

The school age is indeed the age wherein the children should focus on their career and studies instead of getting involved in such kind of activities like threatening, harming, bullying or hurting others. This is, in fact the age that forms the base of your entire life and hence, proper attention has to be paid to the kid during this age. If he does not receive proper care and attention, then there are great possibilities that the entire life of your kid might get spoiled.

Just give a thought to the type of attitude children will have when they grow up, if at all, they have such higher levels of violence. These violent children are spoiling their future and at the same time, hindering the reputation of the school. The other children, as a result of it are not able to focus on their studies due to this threat and fear. They are generally frightened to go to school.

Violent kids trouble the teachers along with the other staff members. They make use of abusive language in the school, which they might have heard at home while their parents are fighting or in TV shows. They try to gun down number of school children. It was stated that from 1992, 22 violent deaths have occurred in the schools in USA. This is a matter of great concern amongst the Americans.

Such attitudes are on a peak in the students due to the great exposure and freedom that they get. The group members of these children also support the negative interests and do play a vital role to increase such type of behavior. One of the reasons for the increase in this violence, in case of boys is that they are unable to express their emotions by means of crying like that of girls. Therefore, they do it by expressing it in a violent way.

One needs to strongly stop this type of violent attitude that is developing and increasing in the children these days. The future of country is dependent on today’s children. If the nation’s children have such type of violent attitude, then soon the country will have a dull future.