Role of movies in school violence


 School violence is the kind of issue that is creating troubles and problems to almost every American. Parents are scared of sending their kids to schools because the place that was once considered to be safe is no longer a safe place for kids. Incidents like Columbine High School massacre, Bath School disaster and Virginia Tech massacre that had occurred in the past have also proved the fact that schools are not safe.
Violence is increasing among children because of various reasons like the atmosphere of the house, teachers not paying attention, stress and anxiety, parents fighting constantly, lack of guidance and support, no help in difficulty and depression etc. Apart from all these factors movies are also responsible for increasing violence among children. Now-a -day’s movies and television serials are showing large amount of violence. They are using new ways of fighting and killing people.
Childhood age is a very important age of a child’s life. It is the base for his/her whole life. It has been proved scientifically that this is the age when a child can learn maximum and at a faster speed. Now just think if a child is watching violence at this age then he/she will definitely learn it. They learn violent acts by seeing films or TV and after that they practice these acts in their schools over other kids. Children are very small and they don’t know what is right and wrong. They are not at all aware about the fact that what they are learning and practicing today is going to give them problems in future. It can even ruin their whole life. It may be possible that by seeing these films and TV shows the child can commit such terrible crime that he/she will end up in jail.
Now the question is what can be done to stop this inhumane attitude?
Government should do something and pass some act against the amount of violence shown in the TV shows and films. Films and shows that are showing large amount of violence should not be allowed to release. But this is a long term planning and it is going to consume a lot of time. But for now parents can do considerable efforts. It is the duty of the parents and schools to groom children well. So parents should not allow their children to watch these kinds of films and TV shows. If they are watching good and knowledge related shows then they will gain some knowledge. Schools should also make an effort in this regard. Teachers should tell students about the harmful effect of watching such kind of films and shows. Teachers should encourage students for reading and for watching knowledge related films and shows. This is going to give two kinds of benefit one is that they develop right kind of attitude and second is it increases their knowledge. This is the era of knowledge and knowledge can be increased by watching good films and by reading. So a right film is the way to incur right attitude and prevent violence.