School violence problem


If you watch news channels quite often, then it is sure you must have heard a lot about school violence. There have been quite a lot relating to this problem in news. It is shocking to hear about incidents of cyberbullying, killing, injuring or rape attempts in schools. But what is the reason behind such incidences? Why they are increasing day by day?
The answer to above question lies with the people who are living around the students. They include parents, school friends, teachers and society at large. Today the environment in which they are living is more or large such environment that is promoting violence. Either it is the case of violent movies where a hero is killing 10 bad people to save his friend or a video game where you get points for killing other people; all such things are making a student violent. Not just that, the culprits are even the parents who think their responsibility is just limited to sending kids to schools and not more.
Actually today because of increased costs of living, it is to some extent necessary for both father and mother to do any sort of job to earn living. They both devote much of their time in their work and as a result the child is left alone to do what ever he wants to do. At times of need, he finds no one with him and as a result he tries to solve the problem by his own. As the small brain of children is not that much developed to take serious decision, in most of the cases the decision taken by them proves to be wrong.
Other than parents, school teachers and other staff members are also closely related to the children. After parents they are the ones who are with children for a longer period of time. This increases their responsibility as well. But the problem is most of the school teachers and other staff members are just concerned with making money. For them students are just clients who are bringing money for them. With such approach they don’t care for them and that is the reason why unfortunately the incidents of school violence are on verge of hike.
 If the incidents of school violence are stopped then it is very important to do all to support a child. It is so because the child resorts to violence only when he is unable to find support from anywhere. The parents are required to devote some time with their kids. They should listen to their problems and must offer the best solutions as well. They must give them the feeling that they are there to support them at times of need and so they are just required to study and nothing else.
On the part of school teachers and administration it is important to treat students as students and not as clients. They should pay attention on individual students to the extent that is possible and must guide them at times of need. They should try to understand the psychology of students and must offer them the direct direction. By these ways this problem can be solved easily.