Factors Affecting School Violence

Children’s are considered as the future of a nation, it has become a major crisis in many countries especially in the United States of America where the percentage of school violence is increasing day by day. The cases have become so vulgar and gruesome that the matter is now being discussed in the parliament. We should all be discussing and finding a proper and non violent way to resolve this sensitive issue as it is getting out of hands. But we should be extra careful as not to harm both the perpetrator and victim are not mentally damaged by applying unnecessary pressure to them.


We are going to show and provide knowledge for the factors which come in play in these type of situations as it is best to know what we are dealing with before starting the process of eradicating the violent behavior in them. There are certain reasons for a child to develop arrogant and aggressive behavior towards others.


  • The home environment plays a crucial part in changing a child’s behavior. Parents who abuse their children constantly are subjected to immense mental pressure as they grow up to develop an arrogant nature. Parents tend to offend their children publicly which makes perform violent acts outside. So it is very important to look and keep an eye on the children at an early age without telling them. Parents should provide better attention, care and love their children an also teach them certain manners at an early age. Good characteristics can be achieved by children more motivating advices from parents.
  • People nowadays tend to have problems relating family matter constantly. We should be very cautious not to involve the child. Rough acts between parents tangles the child in an awkward situation from where he/she can develop a violent attitude.
  • Another major factor is the school itself as it is where the child spends most of its time in the mornings. Teachers should not pressurize students too much as it has bad effect on them. A teacher should carefully select his/her punishment types as severe punishments have major effects on children. Constant occurrence of punishments may drive a student to have permanent scars mentally and physically which may or may not heal totally. Students who store their anger and hatred inside may have outbursts which might have severe consequences.
  • Parents and teachers should also monitor the children’s friend circle as it also plays a part in the sudden change of behavior. Neighborhood friends should also be advised as to which kinds should be selected. A good friend will obviously have a positive result and the same can also happen with a bad one.


These are some factors which plays a part in a child behavior development. Steps should be taken to ensure that the children of the future do not mingle with bad things and also develop arrogant and aggressive behavior. Adequate love, affection and care should help to change a child’s behavior but still professional help should be applied if necessary.