When one thinks of Virginia Tech Massacre, disaster recorded in Bath school and wicked killings and slaughtered in Columbine High School, one cannot but be sad for that moment. Americans are beginning to worry over the increasing school violence with the attendant biting and painful effects. The schools that used to be a safe haven for the children are now turning to a trap or time-bomb nowadays. No wonder the parents are reluctant and weary of sending their precious children to schools these days.


Listed below are the few causes of school violence in our society:

  1. Depression
  2. Lack of help in times of need.
  3. Hostile home atmosphere
  4. Inadequate support and guardian
  5. Fighting and disagreement between parents
  6. Worry and stress
  7. Hostile teachers and classroom, and many more.


Obviously excluded from the above is the negative impact being played by movies in fuelling school violence amongst our children. This might sound ironical, but movies and TV serials are subtly promoting violence in sophisticated ways. The modern technology that are suppose to be a sort of blessing and leverages are now being use to the detriment of our school children.


Besides, how far a child will go in life is mostly determined by how solid the foundation of his childhood is laid. Show me a child whose childhood is morally and spiritually strong and I will show you a child that will be a point of reference tomorrow. Research has proved it over and over again that at childhood, children learn at greater speed. At childhood, children use photocopy brain to learn. That is, whatsoever their brains photocopy, they hardly delete it, and rather it grows with them


Linking these analysis with movie, they learn watch violence at a tender age and ignorantly curious to demonstrate it thereafter with every little opportunity.

By virtue of their inexperience had they aware that what they are watch today will mar their career, maim or take their life tomorrow, they would have been selective in their choice of movie.


Is there any way out of these horrible activities? Yes! After all, where there is a will they say there is a way. The first step lies with the government. Government should pass enabling law that keeps watching eyes on the film industries and TV shows. Let there be effective control on the type of films and TV show that goes to public consumptions. Realistically speaking, government control might take a little time before manifestation whereas, urgent solutions are needful.


At this junction, the parents, school teachers and administrators are called upon to accept responsibilities. Any parents that truly love their child will readily groom him/her morally and ethically. They will not allow anything to stand in gap between them. The kind of films and TV show they watch and the games they play should be subjected to control every now and then. To the grown-ups, even some of these films, TV shows and game could readily make or mar ones life. With the advents of technology, this is the time when student can increase in knowledge by watching productive films so teachers and the administrators should fill this vacuum by teaching students the effect of films and games. Which among them can kill and which can give life should be emphasized.


Finally, watching ethical films increase the moral behavior of children and vis-à-vis. This will go a long way to control the evil of school violence.