Understanding reasons of school violence

There are numerous factors making a child violent. Proper measures must be adopted to prevent a child from becoming violent.


Parents start dreaming about future of their child as soon as he/she is born. They start planning about various aspects about the child’s school, career, job etc. However an atmosphere of proper love and care must be given to the child to ensure that the child studies properly and achieves great heights in his life.


There are numerous ways by which a child can be prevented from being violent and thus preventing school violence. Below are listed some of them:


  1. The home atmosphere: The general mood at home should be good and relaxing. The child should be comfortable while at home. There should not be no argument and fighting among the parents in front of the children. Kids are good at learning stuff, and if they see their parents fighting, beating or abusing each other they would easily pick those habits and practice the same at their school.                           
  2. Depression: If the child is under any kind of stress due to any reason, he/she can vent that in school. Thus, it must be ensured that the child should not be under any type of stress.                                                                                                                                                                                
  3. Monitor the child: The child should be monitored closely, and if it is found that he/she is indulging in any strange activity then the child should be guided properly. He/She must be made aware of negative impact of his/her actions and importance of studies and a good career.                                                                                   
  4. Help the child when in need: It is quite possible that the child may get violent if he/she is facing any kind of problem. Thus help the child if facing any kind of issue to prevent him/her from being violent.                                                                             
  5. Provide proper love and affection: The child should be provided proper love and affection, both by parents and the teachers. In case of absence of same, child may get violent. But the situation can be avoided if he/she is given due care, love and affection.                                                                                                                                    
  6. Fame: Addiction to fame can be a factor in making a child violent. They feel such attitude would make them famous among their peers and teachers. Thus the onus of explaining negative effects of being violent to the child lies on the parents and teachers. The children should be guided about better ways of getting famous.                                                                                                
  7. Group effect: Children learn a lot from the friends they have. They can easily become violent if they have such friends. Thus a care must be taken by the parents to check with whom their children are playing, studying and grouping. If they have friends who are good in study, they would too become so, thus improving their careers.                                                                                                                                  
  8. Stress management and conflict resolution classes: Schools need to arrange classes for teaching anger and stress management. Students are taught alternate ways to vent out their anger and fight violence other than getting physical. Conflicts can be resolved by talking to the person, rather than threatening or beating him/her.

Thus to prevent or reduce school violence, parents and teachers must adopt the above measures.