Movies promoting school violence


Are movies promoting school violence? The answer to this question is yes. Movies that are showing large amount of violence are attracting children towards them. Children after watching such kinds of movies are losing their ethical values and adopting wrong values. They feel that treating other people badly, bullying them, threatening them, theft and killing is great fun. Because of the violent films children are not concentrating on their career and they are focusing on ways of hurting others. By doing so they are creating problems in their career as well in other people’s career too.
Movies are motivating them to show violence in schools. Through movies children learn new ways of fighting and troubling other people. Weapons are easily available to everyone after eighteen years of age in the United States of America. So, students buy these weapons and use it in schools. Childhood age is a pretty small age and differentiating between good and bad is not at all easy in this age. A child learns thing faster at this age most of the children learn what they see. So if they are seeing violence they will be learning violence immediately. They feel that showing violence in school is good as it is providing them large amount of fame. All students and teachers are aware about the violent students.
Schools should do considerable efforts in reducing or preventing school violence. If the children of a particular school are showing large amount of violence then it is a huge question on the credibility of the school. It is going to hamper school reputation. Teachers should always try to explain students about the difference of right and wrong. They should tell students about the harmful effects of showing violent acts in schools. This in turn makes them scared of doing these acts in schools.
If you are thinking that there is any medicine that can reduce school violence then the answer is no. It can only be prevented or reduced by doing efforts and along with efforts the child should be given proper love, affection, guidance and support. These are the best medicine for reducing or preventing violence. All three parents, teachers and schools should provide love, care, support and help to the children. In spite of providing all these if the child is still showing violence or if you are unable to prevent his/her violent attitude then you should go for a good counselor or psychiatrist. They are having good knowledge about child psychology and can help you better.
Strict restrictions should be imposed on the films as well as on the TV shows that are showing large amount of violence. Parents should keep an eye on children and they should encourage them to watch good shows and knowledge related films rather than violent films. A knowledge able film will provide knowledge to the children and this knowledge will help them to groom better. A groomed child will have a great future and a great future is the key for satisfaction in life.