Factors that may Contribute to School Violence

A central concern for today’s schools is students that commit or do school violence.  

It is quite a commonplace occurrence that students bring weapons to school campuses and become a threat to the safety of fellow students, parents, teachers and school administrators.  What has caused this pattern of behavior to happen? There may be several factors as indicated below:


  1. Home environment – children will tend to copy or imitate the violent behaviors of their parents should they themselves be violent
  2. Depression – melancholia without any positive remedy or outlet can use violence as an excuse
  3. Weapons – it is fairly easy for one to purchase a weapon, whether on the street or from the store
  4. Stress and anxiety – the inability to properly solve problems or stress can lead one to violent behaviors

5.      Media effect- children see violence in the programs they watch, the movies they see and in the games they play. This in turn gives them something to imitate and copy

6.      Group effect – children that belong or are members of violent groups may tend to be violent themselves through peer pressure and a need of a sense of belonging

7.      Lack of counseling- Minimal care and affection given to the child together with lack of guidance in certain difficulties may lead the child to make a wrong decision that will result in violence

8.      No guidance in difficulties- the child is not taught how to face problems and difficulties in a proper positive and constructive way thus leading the child to find an alternative means of facing his or her problem which is violence.


Taken individually or as a whole, these given factors give strength to the rise of child violence cases everyday.  It is extremely important that schools themselves, along with teachers and parents have a role so that violence does not increase.  There are child psychologists that specialize in this field and should be approached in the fight against violence.  However, there exists also fake psychologists in the child psychology field, and choosing the right person qualified to help in stopping the spread of child violence should be done or it may simply get worse.