Getting inputs from students to curb school violence

Various inputs from the kids including monitoring, direct talk, and counseling can be used to deal the problem of school violence.


Almost all countries in the world are facing the menace of school violence. Thus this is being taken seriously everywhere. Every part of the society is equally responsible for the issue of school violence and thus to reduce this ever increasing curse from our society, sincere efforts are required from everyone.


Though we need every member of society including the parents, the school authorities and management to help to curb this problem, it is most important that the students, who are victim themselves, play an active role in eliminating this issue.


An effort must be made to raise awareness among the students about the various root causes and ill effects of the issue at hand. Further, information about several symptoms of school violence and abuse must be explained to them so as to control such incidents. The most reliable inputs on school violence can be provided by the students themselves as they are the first victims of school violence. Proper attention must be paid to their inputs and then used to design proper treatment.


There are many ways of collecting their inputs, either by observing the behavior or activities of kids by their parents and the teachers. Counseling sessions can be arranged regularly for the students to explain them about school violence.


It must be instructed to the students that either their parents or the school teachers must be immediately informed about any incident of school violence taking place. Thus such incidents can be controlled in time and such acts of violence can be stopped.


Further, the conversations between the kids can be an indicator of their behavior and if something is found unpleasant, kids can be encouraged to come and talk about that. They can be asked to share the details with their parents, teachers or anyone else close to them. Thus an effort can be made at every level to know the children better and check if anything is troubling them, they can be provided timely help.


If an effort is made by the parents to mix with their kids’ friends and their family members, a lot can be learnt about their family values and behavior.


A fair idea about the mindset of the kids can be had from the stuff they read or what kind of programs are they watching on television or the type of games the kids are playing. Thus one can easily check if the kid is indulging in any type of violent activities. Timely help in the form of counseling can be given to the child to resolve the issue of school violence.


The type of websites being browsed by the child can also help in tracking the behavior of the child. There should be a constant monitoring of the websites being visited by the child. If he/she is visiting any improper site dealing with violent activities or interacting with such sites or their members which would be of a criminal background the child must be stopped immediately and provided proper counseling.