School Violence and Teachers

Teachers are in an interesting and often time sticky position when it comes to school violence. The position that they are in puts them at risk for much of the same abuse as children in our schools but it also has them in the role of protector for a good part of each day. In incidents of school violence plenty of people are quick to point a finger at the teachers for not doing their jobs even though in many cases teachers also fall victim to violence brought on by a student. Yet, day after day men and women continue to get up each day and devote their time to teaching our children. This section is about and for them.

In this category we cover school violence and teachers. We have included articles that shed light on the risks that teachers face as well as articles for teachers who are looking for advice on how to handle certain situations involving all aspects of school violence, such as bullying, gangs in school, weapons in schools, prevention, warning signs that a child is in trouble and much more. While school violence is everyone’s problem, teachers are in a valuable position when it comes to spotting signs of a problem long before it escalates. They are also relied on by parents to help get through to the children when they’re at a loss and feel as if they’ve tried everything else. As an adult with the potential to gain a child’s trust, a teacher can be there for a child who may not feel like he or she can turn to anyone else. With the tools provided on this page you will be ready to deal with them and do your part in combating school violence from the unique and powerful position that you are in.

While all of the advice, information and resources will prove helpful to anyone, this category is designed with teachers in mind. We hope that you will take the time to read the articles that have been compiled to provide you with important information pertaining to school violence and teachers and that you find the knowledge that you’re looking for.