Teachers and school violence

Do you think that school violence is a serious problem for the teachers, as such? The answer to this is definitely ‘YES’. School violence has hampered the progress of the students along with the school environment. The students demonstrate violent behavior in the school and this motivates them to bring along knives and guns to the school. They try to beat, threaten or even kill the other children as well as the school teachers.

Schools are regarded as the 2nd house of the child and it is therefore, the responsibility of the school teachers to give them proper training and help them to grow and develop in an effective and an acceptable manner. However if the students start getting violent each day, then it is a big question as to the responsibility of the teachers. The higher authorities of the school along with the staff and the parents question to the teachers regarding the behavior of an individual or a particular child.

Reasons that make the child violent are as follows:

  1. Anxiety and depression- if a student suffers from depression, he exhibits this in the form of strange or bizarre behavior in the school. Teachers can aid to decrease this kind of behavior by offering them proper guidance as well as counseling whenever required.
  2. Environment at the home- this is the most important factor that leads to the development of violent attitudes in children. If your kid does not get a comfortable and a good environment at home, then there is a tendency of them getting violent. If the parents are continuously engaged in arguments or fights with one another, the child learns the same type of behavior and takes no time to express violence in his behavior. Teachers can here, ask the students about their home atmosphere. If they find that the parents are a source of problem creation or fighting constantly, then teachers can even go for parent counseling and inform them about the bad effects of such kind of behavior on their young one.
  3. TV shows- teachers need to informally know form the students about the type of programs they see on the TV. This can be done through an informal talk rather than asking directly. If she finds that they view violent programs for most of the time, then she can take some steps to stop it instantly. This is so as violent activities has bad impact on the minds of your little masters. Teachers can even tell the parents about the kinds of TV shows their kids watch at home, if they are not aware of the same.
  4. Peer group effects- it is the most dominating factor in this age as children are highly attracted to their peer group. Therefore, if any child or the entire group is engaged in violent activities or behavior, they are likely to develop the same attitudes very soon. Therefore, teachers, can make efforts to find such type of groups and shuffle the child accordingly once she comes across it.

With proper efforts, you can change the child and his future completely.