Teachers contribute to stopping school violence


Teachers can contribute a lot in reducing school violence. They can reduce violence in schools by following these steps-
Ø      Understanding the child psychology- training should be given to the teachers. This training helps teacher in understanding children better. If teacher understands the child psychology very well then they can easily solve their problems.
Ø      Assignments- assignments should be given to the students on the basis of their ability and teachers should not compare one student with other students. This kind of comparison can hurt student’s self respect and it can lead to violence among students.
Ø      Mistakes- if a student has done any kind of mistake then rather than scolding that student, teacher should talk to the student politely and humbly. They should explain them nicely about their mistake.
Ø      Proper support and guidance- teachers are like the second parents and they should provide proper support and guidance to the children in case of any difficulty. If they will give proper support then the children will not go into depression and this in turn reduces violence. Teachers are fully accountable for a child’s future and they should definitely make efforts in making their future bright.
Ø      Meditation- teachers can start meditation classes in schools. Meditation is a great exercise as it gives a pleasant effect to the mind. It provides satisfaction to the human body and mind. Regular practice of meditation will prevent children from getting violent and this in turn will reduce school violence.
Ø      Individual talks- teachers should encourage individual talks with students. These kinds of talks will help teachers in knowing students better. Students can also feel free and they can easily discuss their problems with the teachers. Teachers should provide solutions to children. If a teacher feels that a student is getting violent because of the family atmosphere then the teacher can have word with the parents as well. They can give guidance and instructions to the parents.
Ø      Weapons- teachers should instruct guards to regularly check the bags and lockers of the children and if they find any kind of suspicious weapons then the guard should inform the higher authorities. Schools should take strict actions against such kind of violent activities.
Ø      Classes- teachers can start various classes like conflict resolution, anger management and career classes. These kinds of classes will control their anger and tell them new ways of solving fights. Career classes help students in knowing their interests and choosing the right direction for their future. This reduces depression among children and provides satisfaction to them.
If teachers are following the above steps, then they for sure will be able to groom children in a much better way. If children are groomed properly with right attitude then the chances of having a bright and great future are more.  Teachers play a very important role in a child’s life so it is the duty of the teacher to play this role properly and nicely. If they will play their role properly then the child will have a great future.