How can teachers be equipped in order to prevent school violence?

The modern days have seen both positive and negative changes in the general aspects of many things. Things which were once good are now in the worst category list; one of the most terrifying changes in this regard will be the schools. The places where the fruits of education were shared have now become the breeding grounds for many violent ideas and illegal activities. This has hampered the growth of the education standards of many schools and even some of the children who study in primary schools have been found to be using drugs.


The experts in the field of analysis of educational standards have found that primarily, the students in the age group of twelve to eighteen years are seen to be affected by this disease-like character. The department of Education and the CDU has been stressing the need for changes in the school standards and that the students need to be taught of self respect and motivational aspects in addition to their regular classes.


In this regard, the CDU has proposed a set of ideas that can help teachers in reducing the acts of violent behavioral changes among the students; the main features that decorate their report on this issue are found truly helpful for the students as well. They recommend the teachers to use soft words while handling rogue children. Though this is not easy, we need to practice this in order to make an impression on them. This is turn helps the kids to listen, to what we say and to heed our words.


The next step towards making a change in the violent children will be counseling. By making them understand that you are ready to listen to their wants and problems, we help them a lot. They turn violent when there are no one to listen to their troubles and sorrows at home and if you help them in pouring their words to you, you are doing a great deed indeed. Make sure you give them some useful suggestion in relation to their narration and if possible, assist them in making the right decision.


Taking strict action will be useful in curbing the violent behavior of uncontrollable children. Let them realize that misdeed will never go unpunished and that one way or the other, they will have to be good to get the best of gifts without forcing anyone.


Steps like meditation, training and assignments will help the children in learning to control anger and violent thoughts. Encouraging the students to speak out individually gives them the feeling of self importance once in a while. Classes for teachers should be conducted by trained experts and they should be trained in such a way that they are able to manage their anger and frustration. Special classes called as the conflict resolution classes should be conducted and they should be encouraged to solve matters inside the classroom, without the use of physical force. Apart from all the above said methods, teachers need to keep an eye out for trouble among the students and should be able to identify such conflicts immediately.