Teachers can help stop school violence

School violence has made the educational institutions around the world to take many drastic steps to control the same from making a scene in future. This problem should be solved by everyone; fellow students, teachers, parents, educational institution management members and so on. Such problems need to be curbed in their initial stages in order to avoid heavy complications for everyone involved in the atmosphere of the specific child.


Teachers need to play an effective role in this regard and be sure of following certain well analyzed points for eradicating the possibilities of the violent behaviors in children. They may be discussed in detail as follows; we need make sure that teachers are given training on how to handle a rebellious kid, how to be kind to them, how to win their confidence and primarily, on how to suppress our anger when dealing with them. Understanding the problems of the students needs more time and practice from the teachers’ part and only by getting trained by experts, can the teachers be able to control violent thoughts of the students.


Exercise for the brain will stimulate the cells in them; this can be achieved by means of meditation and silent prayers. Removal of stressful thoughts, sorrow, anger, frustration, depression and every other external factor that contributes to the rebellious feeling in a kid can be driven away if they are taught to focus on good things and to clear the minds by means of meditation.


Conducting special classes on the methods of managing anger and conflict in the minds of young boys and girls will help them in ways that are beyond imagination. Teachers who have been trained by experts can render their knowledge on this subject to them and can help them in controlling their anger and emotions in the best possible ways available. Thoughts that are motivational and inspirational can be used in such classes and they can include teaching special tips on how best to solve problems instead of allowing them to grow further.


Giving additional counseling classes to the kids will serve very effectively as they are sessions in which they can talk freely about the things that keep nagging them at the back of their heads. Parents may not be in a position to listen to these issues at home and only when the children literally beg with their eyes for someone to hear them out, will they be able to see it, by which time it might be a little too late. Teachers on the other hand will be free in these counseling periods and can engage each and every one of their class in narrating their sorrows and seek solutions.


Show affection and guidance to children and they will be ready to reciprocate the feeling mutually. Encourage them to stay away from weapons and guns, apart from the regular checking of their possessions and bags. Allow them to pursue their dreams in the class, even when they are as clumsy as painting a round ball. It will surely help them gain self importance and self respect.