10 things teacher can do to stop school violence


Nowadays school violence is becoming a huge problem in schools. Due to this problem, not just the studies of students get affected but it puts direct impact on the school’s environment as well.  
In order to stop school violence some points are required to be kept in mind. They are mentioned as follows:
  • Training of teachers: - If teachers behave like a parent in the school then it becomes very easy to know the problem of students. Teachers should take care about certain things in order to stop school violence. In schools, teachers should be trained for stopping school violence and preventing as well. For example they should be taught to understand the problems of students and to sort them out in an easiest manner without giving stress to students.   
  • Brain exercise: - Meditation is a discipline by which one can calm his/her mind and can remove the stress and depression due to external environment. Because of its immense uses, it is also known as brain exercise. It is thinking in a deeper manner for the relaxation and awareness. Meditation is basically related to many religions and it needs practice in starting.
  • Classes on anger management and conflict management: - School administrators and other staff including teachers should conduct classes on anger management in order to control anger and irritation of students. Inspirational and motivational thoughts and speeches should be given to students so that they can understand the meaning of life and become ready to solve the problems arising in schools without any violence. School should arrange regularly the classes on conflict management, which include important issues like how to solve problems in school days without harming anyone etc.
  • Counseling: - Schools should appoint school counselor who will guide students in the areas related to studies, personal issues & social issues and for future career. A good counselor is necessary in the schools in order to maintain cool and healthy environment. A counselor can better understand the problems of students and can guide them in the right way. In short for the proper development of students it is a good habit to appoint a counselor in schools.
  • Guidance: - If proper guidance is given to students during their difficulties then students will not choose the way of violence. For this teachers should keep record of each student.
  • Affection to Children: - Proper love and affection make children to understand others feelings.
  • Checking of students: - Schools should check that whether students are carrying weapons to harm anybody or not. School should appoint guards in order to cross-check students.
  • Encourage other habits: - Teachers allow children to spend time on their interests and hobbies in order to develop creativity. This will surely helps to improve students in studies. Every child has some creativity and if proper guidance and support is given to them then they can perform well in their respective fields.
  • Comfortable environment in schools: - Cool and comfortable environment is necessary for the students to perform well in studies.
  • Closely observe children: - Teachers should check whether students are engaged in negative behavior or not.
If teachers take care of these above mentioned ten points then they can prevent school violence and give better future to students as well.