Ten different ways in which a teacher can contribute against violence in school

School violence is rising day by day throughout the country and what it results in is not only the negative effects on the academics of the students but also the learning atmosphere of the school.


One can stop school violence and bring it to a permanent halt if the following steps are taken:


  • Teachers should be trained: Teachers should be trained to behave more like parents and less like teachers. Teachers should be trained in such a way that they are able to understand the feelings of the students and as well as able to prevent violence from happening in the school campus. They should see to it that no student is stressed out by problems.
  • Mental grooming: To ventilate the feeling of anger from the minds and the hearts of the children, they could be advised to do yogas and meditations. This would help them relax their bodies and would result in them not losing their temper quite often. Meditation is very easy to do and can be performed by any one belonging to any religion.
  • Sessions on anger and stress management: Regular sessions on anger management and stress management should be done for the students. This will help them relax themselves and keep calm. There also could be some guest speakers brought to school to give some lectures on spirituality and calmness which could actually make these students understand the importance of being calm and would equip them with knowledge and ideas as to how should their problems be solved in a non-violent manner.
  • Counsel the students: Counseling sessions could be arranged for the students. Instead of getting counselors from outside, the school can have one permanent counselor for themselves who can not only help the students solve their personal problems but would also be able to create a better environment for them when compared to what the teachers can do. So counselor should become mandatory for any school along with the teachers.
  • Show them the path: Teacher should always guide their students and show them the way because if that is done, then there is no chance of students deviating and following the wrong path.
  • Give them love: It is only love that can make these children understand how bad and destructive violence is.
  • Constant vigilance: There should be guards appointed by the school authorities to check the bags of the students and see whether they are carrying weapons to school or not.
  • Inculcate new interests: Students should be allowed to do whatever they feel like if it is for their development because such practices ensure that they would be able to develop new and better habits and would also be able to concentrate well on their studies thereby resulting in a better future for the kid.
  • Nice atmosphere in school: The school authorities should ensure that the learning environment for the kids in school is cool and friendly.
  • Watch the kids constantly: Teachers should keep checking the behaviour of the student on a regular basis.


If all these things are done by the teachers, then there is no way that the student would get into violence and spoil his or other people’s life.