What can teachers do in curbing the school violence?

The following steps can be taken in reducing the school violence to a greater extent. Teacher’s contribution is very much essential.

Ø  Psychological aspects of the children’s behavior should be analyzed carefully in order to maintain a proper relationship and to minimize the chances of school violence which is lead due to the emotional distress of the children.

Ø  The inferiority complex of the students can lead to other emotions such as anger, jealousy, and depression. The teachers can make sure that the students are given assignments which suit their ability and does not cause any harm to the emotions of the students. The self respect will get a hit when there is any sort of comparison being done.

Ø  Students should be treated politely and explained about any mistakes that they can avoid. The proper counseling of the students is the key to the less amount of emotional stress in the individual. Mistakes are the stepping stones to better future. One should always learn from the mistakes they make.

Ø  Teachers help in shaping the students future. They should build a proper foundation for a better future of the nation as well as the children in school. In this way the depression in children can be controlled and the school violence would be reduced. They should children to face any sort of difficulty with out any fear and that violence is not the solution to any dispute or conflict.

Ø  Mental peace is very important in not building stress in ones mind. Meditating at young age not only improves concentration but also reduces depression and enhances the mental being of the children. Regular meditation provides enhancement to their thinking and make them mentally strong. They would be then able to think before they react.

Ø  By sharing the problems the amount of depression gets reduced and it feels light in mind. Children should be allowed to share their problems and teachers should be always available to give emotional support and discuss the problems of the children. One on one sessions and personal talks would help build this relationship which would make to easy for the children to share their problems.

Ø  Proper checking of the bags for any sort of weaponry can help the squad to be vigilant about bringing weapons into the campus and also can point out those showing suspicious behavior. Taking appropriate action against those kids would help reduce the problems related to the school violence.

Ø  Conflict resolution classes as well anger management classes in the school campus can help the children prosper and it would be very helpful in reducing depression which is directly proportional to emotional distress and hence the cases showing school violence will get affected.

Teacher plays a major part in grooming the child’s future. The choice of the school would determine the kind of training they can provide would determine whether it is possible for the child to grow without any issues.