Contribution of Teachers to Stop School Violence

School violence can be reduced with the contribution of teachers in schools. Teachers can keep check on the behavior of the children or even help them if they are depressed.  This greatly helps in the reduction of violence in school.


School violence can be reduced to a certain extent with the contribution of teachers. Teachers can help reducing school violence using the following steps:


  • Training must be given to the teachers of the school to understand the child’s psychology. The teachers can understand the child better because of this training. By understanding the child’s psychology, teachers can easily solve the child’s problems.
  • The teachers must understand the student’s ability to perform and on that basis must give him assignments. Teachers must also make sure that comparison is not made between a student and other students. This type of comparison will be humiliating to the student and may also hurt his/her self respect. As a result, the student may turn violent and spit out his anger on fellow students.
  • A student making any kind of mistakes must not be scolded at but rather must be spoken to with politeness. A nice explanation must be given to the student’s about their mistakes.
  • Teachers are like second parents, so they must see to it that proper support and guidance is provided to the students in case of any difficulty. When proper support is given, the children may not go into depression which is a good reason for children not turning violent. The responsibility of a child’s future depends on the teacher and the teachers must leave no stone unturned in shaping a bright future for the children.
  • Meditation classes can be started in the school by the teachers. Meditation is a great form of exercise which keeps the mind at peace. Satisfaction is provided to the body and mind by meditation. Children must practice meditation to prevent themselves from getting violent and this will also help in reducing school violence.
  • Teachers must talk individually with every student. Talking with students will help the teacher know students better. Students will feel comfortable to talk to their teachers. Solutions to problems must be provided by the teachers to the students. If a child is getting violent due to family atmosphere and the teacher senses it, then the teacher should speak to the child’s parents as well. Proper guidance and instructions can be given to the parents by the teachers.
  • Teachers must give instructions to the guards so as to keep regular check on the bags and lockers of the children. If the guards find any kind of suspicious weapon then the higher authorities must be immediately informed about it. The school management must take strict action against such violent act.
  • Various classes like anger management, career classes and conflict resolution can be started by teachers. These kinds of classes will help in controlling anger and tell the students positive ways of resolving a conflict. Career classes can also be started so that the child knows his interest and can choose a career for him/her. This keeps away depression from children and helps them to avoid violent behavior.


If the teachers follow the steps discussed above then they can definitely help a child shape a bright future for himself without any trouble. Children who grow up in a friendly environment and with a right attitude are more likely to taste success in life. Teachers are the one’s who help a child shape his future nicely and the teachers must put all the effort in helping the child.