Role of a Teacher in Reducing School Violence

Teachers can play a vital role on both increasing and decreasing the school violence. As the problems in regarding violence on school grounds is affecting not only students but also concerned parents, authorities and the nation. As children are considered the future of every country, it is the duty of every teachers of every level to teach the students certain manners as they grow up. As teachers have the most influence on children after parents, it is vital for them to understand every child and act accordingly.


Teachers are said to be the builders of a country’s pillars. So it is important for every teacher to have good skills and understanding capability to help him/her know every student and act accordingly. He/she is responsible in helping to shape a child’s future. So he/she should be very careful in choosing the type of punishment for every child, as severe punishments helps to grow an arrogant attitude in students. Also severe punishments may cause mental damage to a student which might take a long time to heal from or even be permanent. Teachers should punish students fairly and equally and also be in the limits. A teacher should also show compassion towards students evenly, like a student who is not doing his homework should be excused once or twice, but if he/she shows persistence in not providing the homework, then the teacher should have every right to punish the student accordingly. Similarly rude and violent behavior should be dealt immediately by the teachers. Such problems should be dealt at an early age, so that they are discouraged on acting similarly in the future. Students should be given the chance adapt and change their behavior with age but with reminders and restrictions.


It is important for every teacher to praise accordingly to each student. A teacher should never be biased in the class. Showing affectionate towards a certain student might create jealousy within the classroom which might create unwanted problems. Though it’s human nature to be biased towards a certain people, a teacher should hide his/her feelings from the students as they look up to him/her equally. A teacher should always be reminded to be fair and equal in dealing the students. Hatred and jealousy should be avoided and dealt by teachers at an early age by discussions.


A teacher should become a role model for his/her class, as students tend to look up to their teachers for advices of many sorts. Students are always proud to be under good teachers. So teachers should try to win the hearts of all his/her students. Teachers should influence students to do the right things and also advise on the many small aspects of life, like advising on what types of shows to watch on the television which will help them teach many different things. Teachers should also have constant connection with the parents and provide updates to them of their children and also check on their behaviors outside the classrooms. That is why a teacher involvement is vital in reducing school violence.