Weapons in Our Schools

It is terrifying to think that there are weapons making their way into our schools, but we can’t deny that this does indeed happen. It’s common to feel helpless and powerless when it comes to school violence and weapons in our schools and many parents and children have grown to fear school because of it. The purpose of this category and this entire site is to arm you with the knowledge and advice that you need so you can stop feeling powerless when it comes to your child’s safety.

In this category we cover a variety of topics related to weapons in schools. We take a look at statistics that will help you get a realistic understanding of how safe our schools are. And, we offer all kinds of advice for parents and students on things like what to do if someone at your school has a weapon, the consequences of carrying a weapon to school, how to talk to your kids about weapons in school and school violence and even how to get involved and do your part in stopping weapons from making their way into our schools. We also take an in-depth look at what is being done to prevent weapons from entering schools and the safety measures that are helping to keep our children safe while they get an education.

Talking to your kids about school violence and the dangers of weapons is crucial—more so now than ever. We show you how to speak to them and help them understand the risks without sending the wrong message and making them afraid of school. We want to keep our children informed and safe while also doing what we can to minimize their anxiety so that they can enjoy school and all of the wonderful things it has to offer. This category focuses on weapons in our schools while others on this site cover the things that seem to go-hand-in-hand with school violence.

We offer resources for parents, teachers and students who want to know more about weapons in schools and school violence. By getting informed and involved, you can make a difference and help make our schools safer for our children. Be sure to read through the articles as well as take a look at the other categories for information that could help save your child’s education and even their life.