Teaching Your Kids about Weapons

Even with stricter gun laws in place, there are still students who manage to get their hands on guns. Often times these guns come from their very own home and are owned by the parents.

We live in a society where things like guns and street gangs are often glorified in movies, songs and on video games. Our impressionable children are constantly bombarded with guns on TV without having any clue as to the reality of what guns can do and the seriousness of having one in their possession. While many adults believe that  banning video games and movies that include gun violence and weapons, few are doing what they really should be which is talking to their kids about guns and violence and letting them know exactly why it’s wrong.

Parents often underestimate the power of their words when it comes to their children. Telling your child the truth about what weapons can do will prove far more effective then taking away their violent video games. As a parent you need to be involved and talk to your child as much as possible. You need to put your foot down, take authority and tell them what the consequences are should they ever pick up a weapon. They need to be told that weapons can kill intentionally and accidentally. Resist the urge to sugarcoat and keep the realities from your children when it comes to an issue as serious as guns and weapons. Tell them just what can happen if a gun goes off right down to details such as the legal ramifications as well as the pain that would be inflicted on the families of the shooter and the victims. It may seem harsh, but it could be what keeps your child from picking up loaded gun “just to see what it feels like”, as so many kids do.

Parents who have guns or other weapons in the home also need to take responsibility and make it crystal clear to the child that they are not to touch the weapons. You need to keep ammunition separate from your firearms and both should always be under lock and key and in storage that cannot be easily opened. As well, locking the room where the weapons are stored is also a must in keeping your child away from them. Also, set a good example by not ever using or referring to a weapon in a way that you would not want your child to. And finally, you need to make it clear that weapons should never be used to try to resolve a conflict or get revenge. You have more control than you know, so do what’s right for your kids and everyone around them.