Physical attacks and school violence


As soon as a kid is born parents start thinking about him/her. When the child comes to the school going age parents admit the child in school. Once he/she starts going to school either they become violent or they are being attacked by other violent kids. Such kind of school violence includes bullying, threatening, theft, rape, fighting with other kids, teachers and principals etc.
These violent students are buying weapons such as revolver and knives from illegal source and are killing other students. If you want to see the cases where violent students have killed other students and teachers then you can see it on the internet. Just login on the internet and type school violence physical attacks and you will see all the physical attacks related to school violence.
Such kind of violent attitude among the school going kids is not at all a good sign. Kids of this age are so violent that they are killing, threatening, beating and harassing other students than imagine what they are going to do once they will grow up?
There are several reasons present because of which kids are becoming violent and they are-
ü      House atmosphere- if the environment of the house is not good and comfortable then the chances of kids becoming violent is too much. If the parents of the kids are fighting with each other and are using abusive language at home then they will learn it too. Children are having the ability to learn everything very fast and it is due this reason parents should avoid abusing and fighting with each other.
ü      Schools not taking strict action- schools should take strict action about the students who are creating nuisance in the school. School violence hampers the school atmosphere and schools which are not taking action against such kind of violence are giving rise to this wrong attitude.
ü      Group effect- violent attitude can occur as a result of group effect. If other group members are having violence in their nature then the child who is not having violent nature will develop it as well. At this age children have maximum influence of their group.
ü      Easy availability of weapons- illegal access of weapons has made it easy for the students to buy weapons. They are buying weapons and using them in schools for threatening and killing other students.
ü      Guards not checking properly- guards should check students bags and lockers properly and if they found anything fishy then they should intimate it to the school authority. School authorities should take proper action against such kind of activities so that students should get scared and they will not even think of doing it again.
ü      Depression and stress- constant depression, stress and anxiety can lead to violence. So if you want to save children from getting violent then help them in their difficulties and give them proper support.
Violent attitude should be controlled at the school going age otherwise it can lead to several problems. It is not at all impossible to control this kind of attitude. You can control it by giving proper love and affection.