Kids and Guns: An Alarming Survey Reveals the Realities

It was only last year that a study carried out in the UK on school aged children showed that an alarming one third of kids as young as eight years of age were carrying weapons to school. Of the kids spoken to in the report, the majority of them said that they carried weapons to use as self defense during their walk to and from school if needed.

A closer look showed that the students carried weapons which included various types of knives, axes and even guns. The report also stated that between 2005 and 2207 that 934 weapons were confiscated from school grounds in the UK.  Of the weapons seized, policed reported knives being the most common but they also found a few stun guns as well as 9mm handguns. Other items used as weapons also included meat hooks and knuckledusters.

As horrifying as these results, another survey which was conducted shortly after revealed that more than a third of the British children surveyed agreed that it is perfectly okay to carry a knife for the purposes of self defense. And, just when you thought you had heard it all, that same survey reported more than half of the kids surveyed as admitting that they have known someone who has been stabbed or violently attacked.

The part of all of this that seems to be the most upsetting is that most of these children said that they have no faith in their schools, police or politicians and don’t trust any of them to keep them safe at school or during the commute to and from school. There was no mention of the parents of these children but one has to wonder whether or not they had any faith in their parent’s ability to protect them which is why it’s so important that parents take responsibility and speak to their kids about school violence and weapons. A lot of the times children and even their parents aren’t aware of the things being done to keep schools safe. With a better understanding of school safety policies and the gun and weapon laws in schools, children can begin to feel more confident and secure in their ability to go to school and be safe. Parents shouldn’t leave it up to the schools alone to keep their kids informed and to teach them about weapons and school violence because learning begins in the home.

As a parent, you need to get the information that will help your children to feel safe at school. If you don’t have the answers, then find them through the people that do have them. Talk to your children about the realities of weapons and violence and enforce the point that weapons will not be tolerated at home or in school and that there are consequences to face if they defy you. Parents also need to stress to their children that you can’t resolve disputes with guns and arm their children with the skills to handle situations without weapons.