Violence and arms

The cases of school violence and students on campus getting involved in violence and attacks on their fellow students are increasing day by day in the schools of America. What does this mean or what are these violent students trying to convey? They are saying nothing but trying to get the attention of the world on them and warning people if they do not so, then there would be consequences that the society would have to face. These students are actually depressed and sad and they think this is the only way through which they can vent out their anger and depression.

So how can we fix this problem? There are some options like using metal detectors, checking each student for objectionable materials, can place hidden cameras at places, etc. But these things would only bring a pause to the violence but not a full stop. Because these actions would only attack the less important things and would not uproot the main cause.

To bring this entire thing to a permanent halt, we must understand the issues and problems of these students and must teach them to solve or fix their problems in a more peaceful and non violent manner. This need to be done in a collective manner and all the students, parents, teachers, etc. should be a part of this initiative.

 Parents should maintain a closer relationship with their friends and try to understand their feelings and their problems as well. A dull or quit student always is a sign of worry. Parents should set a very good example in front of their kids and must refrain from domestic violence or abuses. They must spread love and warmth instead.

Teachers are the next closest to the kids after their parents and it is the responsibility and duty of the parents to look out for the behaviour of these students and report if there are any changes in their behaviour or actions. They should interact with the kids and ask whether everything is well or fine. Kids in school come from diverse backgrounds and family. There are students who are constantly at the point of their parent’s abuse and violence and there are also some kids who would have lost their parents and would be spending most of their time in isolation. And this isolation might be a huge problem for them.

Counselling sessions should be conducted on a regular basis in schools so that the teachers get to know everything about their students. Such sessions would make these students talk about their family, their feelings towards their families and all the other problems they are facing in their lives. If the students are not able to talk or open out their feelings, then these teachers can interact with them personally. They should be made known the importance of love, care and affection in one’s lives. These sessions should be conducted to help the students with anger management as well.

There would always some friends of these offenders or violent students who get a hint of what their friends are upto or what they are planning to do. If these students get such hint, then they should immediately bring it to the notice of the authorities.

The cases of school violence or violent can be easily solved if the symptoms of loneliness and depression can be traced out in the early periods itself. This would not only protect the lives of other people but would also make them learn the importance of love.