Gun Violence in School

School violence is a big threat that is increasing by passing days. Violence is a traumatic event and when children suffer from violence in school, it is just a shocking incidence. Gun violence should be controlled in school so as to maintain peace. Young generation is very well aware of the gun violence in school as it is very common thing. But in this case it is the parents’ as well as schools duty to stop the child from joining violent groups in school. This is possible by applying simple methods. Parents should support their kids in all ways when the children are suffering from mental tensions. Here are a few tips which will prove to be the best help for increasing the confidence of their kid and making him grow up in a good surrounding.

·         When there is a shootout in school it is the duty of parents to be calm and explain the child of what has happened. Many a time’s children are small and they don’t have the mental capacity to identify good and bad things. In such cases it is necessary to give them support at the appropriate age.

·         Don’t jumble up things and speak something vague regarding school and gun violence in school. Tell the kid frankly what is the matter and also tell the bad effects of this violence. Tell the kids about the safety measures that should be taken so as to avoid gun violence.

·         Feel free to talk with the child. Kids should feel free to talk with the parent’s regarding all the matters that the kid faces in day to day activities. This will help the parents to judge the company of the child and then can take measures accordingly.

·         Try to know the kid. As children are small it may happen that they are not able to express their feelings or tell what all they are facing. It is necessary to judge the child from time to time so that a slight change in the behavior can make the parents aware of problems.

·         If the children are facing problem in school, teachers should be free enough to talk to children and know what all problems these kids are going through. Teachers should observe all the children and if they found any child who stays aloof and behaves aggressively, they should immediately inform the school authorities and parents.

·         Certain care has to be taken by school as well. It is necessary to have metal detectors in school. Schools can also fit hidden cameras all over the school to keep a check on every small activity that takes place in school premises. There should me counseling sessions held by school so as to maintain a calm environment in school. Also building up strong fences around the school will be a good step to avoid gun violence

These certain tips will prove to be helpful to reduce gun violence. Not only parents but it is the duty of the teachers as well as school to take primitive measures to stop gun violence. Hence, if the steps are taken accordingly, it will help in reducing amount of gun violence in schools.