Weapons used during school violence


It’s quite frightening to hear that weapons are making their way into the temples of learning. Children instead of holding pens and pencils are holding lethal weapons and assaulting or killing each other. In the present era, it’s imperative to fill the little minds of children with knowledge and advice so that they can understand the ill effects before executing the acts of school violence. 
Firstly, it is important that we should throw some light on the details of various weapons that are commonly used during school violence.  Prevention measures can be easily taken after understanding the characteristics of these weapons and by which means they are accessed by the children.
Handheld items:
  • Knife: it is one of the most common handheld items used by the school children of the rural and the sub-urban schools.  Currently, it is widely used across the USA by the children for the purpose of threatening, assaulting and even stabbing. As knifes are easily available at home so one need not to have a gang-link to access them. 
  • Hockey sticks:   it is a fact that these days children make small gangs (vary in purpose) inside the school compounds. Hockey sticks are among their most favorite handheld items in order to tackle the rival gang members. 
  • Baseball bats: like the above one, baseball bats are also readily available inside the school compounds; especially in the playgrounds. Baseball bats are widely used by the children as if they are wisely used then the chances of lethal assault is minimal.    
  • Handgun: there are two major sources from where children normally access a handgun.  One major source is the gangs that generally remain active in the neighborhood of the school premises. And the second major source includes the negligence of those parents who abandon their licensed firearms unintentionally which are later on accessed by the children.   
  • Machine pistol: most of the people are not well familiar with the word ‘Machine pistol’. It is actually a type of micro-semi machine gun.  Machine pistols are confined to those external gangs that indulge themselves into serious crimes like burglary, extortion, intimidating, etc. It is one of the common weapons used during the ‘turf line’ (territorial) wars. A drive-by incident that took place in a Seattle high school in the year 2003 is a clear-cut example of machine pistol crimes.  As machine pistol falls in the category of unlawful weapons, so it’s not that easy for the children to access them without external help.  
  • Assault rifles: although only one or two school violence incidences took place in the past involving the use of assault rifles but still it’s significant that people should have knowledge about them. AK-47, AK-74, M4 Carbine, etc are some of the common examples of assault rifles.   They fall in the category of mortal weapons and are solely used by army or militants. But a dreadful incident took place in Columbia High School in 1999 when a 13-year-old boy fired an AK-47 at his school mates.