For a nation to grow in good fortune, it must recognize the potential threats poses by school violence and the need to provide a lasting solution as a matter of urgency. This school violence has so much creates fear to the mind of so many that they have concluded that it is unsafe to go to school and then resolve not to attempt going at all. Besides students, school administrators as well as the government are becoming worrisome and apprehensive by these ugly incidents. For the positive results therefore, these group should consciously take some practical steps towards the eliminations of school violence.


The motive behind carrying weapons generally varies from security to business purpose. Since it takes two to tangle, the fundamental question is who armed these teenagers? If this question can be provided with objective answers, it will go along way to resolve this issue at stake. In the course of expressing anger, he/she is prone to attack with all weapons at his or her disposal. As students are increasingly becoming restless, they don’t even show any sense of remorse having committed their atrocities these days. The sad thing is that children are increasingly curious like never before about this weaponry dimension and each time they carry out their actions they do so at the detriments of thee innocent ones.


Lack of adequate security checks within the school environs is a sort of encouragement to these children, their going about with deadly weapons despite the fact that it is unlawful. Of the overall student population, 22% of this goes about with one type of weapon or the other.


Viewing from general perspective, the weapons use by these violent students varies from Nanchaku to revolver, ballistic knife, steel rods, bat, razor blade, flailing instrument, switch knife, the list is endless. As if that is not enough, the latest report by the centre for

Disease Control, National Study say over 30% of the youth possess firearm while about 20% high school student armed to school. Unless some hindrances measure is put in place as a matter of urgency, the figures will be more than double in no time.


School violence if not properly controlled and possibly brings to minimum level; the attendant effect will destroy both career and life of many students. From 1992 till date, record indicates that about 27 death occurrences amongst students are as a result of violent activities in the schools.


To curb this incessant occurrence of school violence in our society, therefore, the following are suggested on behalf of the parents and teachers:


1.          Well trained and equipped security guards to provide security and safety.

2.          The school should install a metal detector for timely detection of weapons.

3.          Any student found with weapon should not be treated with kid gloves by the school authority.

4.          The severity of the punishment should not only serve as precedence, it should also be as hindrance to the others.


As regards parental control, charity they say begins at home:

1.          The parents should instill discipline and the fear of God into their wards from cradle.

2.          Let them try as much as possible to keep all weapons from the sight of the children. Better still they should not give their children any impression that they have so and so weapons.

3.          The parents should keep a watching eye on their children by placing controls on the kind of games the children play and that of films they watch and friends they keep.

4.          In addition they should show there children parental love, rather that unnecessary nagging. Don’t let them feel too lonely.


The children are expecting to think of nothing but their studies. Whatever will distract their attention from this or divide their interest such as violent should be avoided like plague.