School Violence Statistics and Facts

This category focuses on school violence statistics and facts that would be of interest to not only parents and teachers but to students as well. While we don’t want to alarm our children and make them afraid to go to school, awareness is important. Along with using the information on this website to make your children aware of school violence you can also use these statistics to help put their minds at ease. Though it may not seem like it, school violence isn’t as common as the news may make us think sometimes. This is not to say that the news is inaccurate of course, but rather that with so much focus on school violence news stories around the world it does appear as if it’s something that is just a given! The reality is that the incidents of the types of cases that you see on the news are far less common than it appears.

The school violence statistics that are covered here in this section include everything from fatalities and homicides in school to suicides, bullying, theft and threats as these all fall under the category of school violence. The statistics have been compiled from a variety of reputable sources and cover not only school violence statistics for the US and Canada but the rest of the world as well.

We feel that knowing the fact about school violence and bullying are just as important in raising awareness as all of the other information that we share with you on this site. Understanding the seriousness of the problem is important, but so is being properly informed with all of the facts. It’s important to know just how prevalent school violence is so that you can do your part while having a realistic comprehension of what is really going on in schools around the world and not just what you see on television.

The statistics and facts offered in this section may very well surprise you if you haven’t looked into them before. As mentioned, the constant media attention can easily cause some to believe that schools are entirely unsafe, while a lack of access to information may have some people clueless as to what goes on in schools in this day and age. We hope that sharing this information will help shed light on your concerns while also getting the attention and understanding of those who up until now didn’t know anything about school violence.