Violence in Large Schools

Violence in schools is something that has become a matter of worry. Violence in large schools in urban areas is even more than the violence in small schools of rural areas. Appropriate steps taken before hand can help prevent fateful incidents.


It is not a fact to deny that parents always expect that their child’s future be bright and secured. There is no harm in expecting as it the parent’s fundamental right. The primary need of a child is best education. This is the reason why parents trust the school administration where the kids spend hours in the school daily.


But when we speak of high schools in urban areas it is very unfortunate to hear about the cruel cases of violence inside the school premises. Parents really find it tough to handle the situation under such circumstances. First of all the parents don’t seem to understand whom they can hold responsible at first place in case anything fatal happens to their child.


First of all, it is our priority to prevent such violent incidences in school even before their occurrence. It doesn’t seem to be easy but not much difficult too. Schools certainly are learning temples and there is no room bullying, discriminating and assaulting here. All you need to do is to take necessary steps in order to prevent violence in school for the safety of children as well as others too. Undertaking appropriate steps may prevent you and others falling into a violent mishap.


Large urban high schools are the hubs which follow the latest trends and modern outlook. But still, most of the teaching staff and students are unaware of the consequences of the violence in schools until they get a taste of it. It is very important to make changes in the outlook of the schools that are situated in the urban locality. It is a personal belief of the administrators of these schools that such violent incidences are not going to happen in this school. The students in this school are well mannered and the teaching staff is from a high society. Such incidences can only be possible in the schools of the rural area because of the behavior of the children and their background. But this is completely wrong. The attitudes and nature of a student is not limited to a specific location only.


Few shocking reports have been brought out from the studies conducted by the non governmental and governmental institutes. Based on the facts and figures, some reports state that the incidences of violence and harassments are more seen in large schools. Children from the urban locality are more exposed to bad home atmosphere, PC games, television shows and movies containing fatal action scenes. This becomes one of the main reasons for the children turning violent. Smart children try to imitate the action scenes at home and then try it on their friends eventually leading them to try the scenes at school too.


Without the proper support of school administration, parents, teaching staff and the students, it is impossible to control such incidences. If you notice something strange in a child’s behavior then never ignore it. Call and inform the parent/guardian of the child if possible.


If mental distress or psychological disorder is what the child is suffering from then it is the main duty of the parents to inform the school administration about it the first thing. Same initiative can be taken by the school administration too. Questions can be asked during the child’s admission so that appropriate care can be taken of the child.