School shooting statistics


School violence is the name given to the violence occurring in school. History is full of such kind of examples where violent students had created panic in the schools. There had been cases in the past where violent students had killed other students, teachers and principals.
If you want to see these schools shooting statistics then it is easily available on the internet. You just have to login on the internet and on the Goggle type school shooting statistics. After typing this you will see a large amount of statistics related to school shooting. This data will tell you about the incidents that had occurred in the past related to school violence.  
Nobody is born violent. A child becomes violent because of the kind of environment that has been provided to him/her. Parents, teachers and schools together can create a child with right attitude but it can only be done by providing right kind of environment and care to the child. If a child is under severe depression or under any kind of stress and anxiety then he/she can suffer from the problem of violent attitude.
Violent attitude includes everything like bullying, threatening, beating, theft, larceny and vandalism etc. Kids who are having high amount of violent attitude can kill other people as well like Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 1 teacher and 12 students in Columbine High School massacre incident that took place in the year 1999. Twenty one people were injured in this incident. Other incidents like Bath School Disaster, Virginia Tech massacre and University of Texas massacre are the other few examples of dreadful school violence.
Efforts can be done to reduce such kind of violence among students. These efforts will be successful only when parents, teachers and schools will pay right kind of attention towards children. If you are not having any knowledge about school violence then you can take the help of internet. Large numbers of websites are available on the internet that are providing large amount of information on school violence. So, one can easily visit those websites. These websites are also providing guidance and instructions to teachers and parents as well.
Schools can also start few classes that can help a lot in reducing child’s violent attitude-
·        Counselor- appointing counselor can help a lot in reducing violent behavior. Counselors will have a word with violent students and will figure out the solutions for their problems. If required than the counselors can have word with the parents and teachers as well.
·        Mediation- it is a great activity that can relax your body very well. It gives a pleasant effect to both heart and soul. It gives calmness to the body and you feel energetic and healthy after practicing it regularly.
·        Anger management classes- these kinds of classes help a lot in controlling the anger of the students. If they are able to control their anger then they can control their violent attitude easily.
Schools, teachers and parents all are responsible for a creating the future of the child and it is their duty to teach and shape child properly so that he/she can have a bright future.