Girls indulging in violence in school

One out of every four teenage girl is involved in some or the other sort of violence in school or office or any other place. This report has been by the by the government in Washington.

According to a survey among 33,000 girls of the age group of twelve to seventeen, the girls have admitted that almost 26.7 percent of the girls are involved in violent activities either in school or their workplaces. This violence could be something like cat fights, abuses, etc.

There is a general belief that the teenagers who actually get involved in violence are only boys but the fact is there are also lots of girls who contribute to violence in school especially if it is an all girls school. These girls at times also get along with these boys and do violence.

According to reports, the boys are the ones who are leading in percentages when it comes to violence in school. They have a staggering 33.6 percent to their name. These acts of violence in school can only be prevented if the teachers and parents work together and take some concrete steps. The teachers should be responsible to keep a check on the activities of the students and if they find any one getting into violence, then they should immediately punish such students. The security arrangements at the school should be of very high standards and the school must ensure that they leave no stone unturned to provide a cool and calm learning environment to their students. And moreover, the teachers along with the parents and school authorities should take strict actions and guide the students whenever they see the students going on the wrong path. And if all these things are taken into consideration, then the violence in school can be brought down to a huge extent.

According to reports, 18.6 percent of the girls between the age group of twelve and seventeen are involved in violence in school. They are involved in fights as well. The reports state that 14.1 percent of the females are the ones are involved in group fights and 5.7 percent of these females are involved in hurting and abusing other girls to either protect themselves or prove their domination. It is also noticed that some girls are involved in more than one activity at times.

The trouble created by girls in school is basically by those girls who have habits of drinking and other bad activities.  And this rate goes higher especially if the girl is exposed to domestic violence at home or if she belongs to a financially not very strong family. It is important that effective and practical preventive measures are taken by the authorities against school violence; otherwise this would be no longer rare incidents and would become a part and parcel of every day in school.

According to SAMHSA, the students who participate in the acts of school violence are the ones who belong to the afro american community and the least number of people who participate in school violence are Asians. Blacks take a share of 38 percent whereas the Asians take a percent of 17.3 percent. The other people who are involved in school violence are the American Indians (26.8%), Hispanic (29%) and the remaining 30.2% is shared among the whites and mixed race people.

Boys and girls should be punished equally for their violent activities in school and school violence should be prevented only if strict measures are put into place.