School Violence, a rising threat to society

Violence in schools is posing a threat to society and future of children. The issue needs to be addressed immediately to prevent any long term damage.


Schools are coming across a new problem these days, violence. This problem has engulfed majority of the schools. One can easily conclude by looking at the graphs that there is a gradual increase in number of cases of school violence everyday. This is a serious situation and efforts must be made to control it.


Any type of violence is very dangerous for the school environment and the society as a whole. We would need to confront very serious consequences if the growing menace of school violence is not stopped well in time. There are some questions that need to be answered. Why are such incidents happening in first place? Why are such mischievous acts being committed? But to answer these questions, it is necessary to get full information about school violence and those problems which are born out of school violence.


Simply put, school violence is any act of violence committed by the students which essentially harm their fellow students, teachers or school premises. One needs to imagine the intensity of the problem by the fact that such incidents, apart from harm or injury also lead to murder of the person as well. Thus it is being considered the most serious problem of our times. The students who are going to shape the future of country are getting seriously affected by that. Thus it’s not only the individual who is at risk, but future of entire country is getting jeopardized.


School violence leads to numerous problems, few of which are listed below:


  1. Prevalent insecurity at schools: school violence leads to prevalence of insecurity among the other students, the teachers or the other staff members of the school. Thus it leads to development of insecurity among the parents which leads them to think whether their children be sent to schools for study at all!
  2. Studies getting impacted adversely: Study of the students is affected very badly by the cases of school violence. This is because concentration on studies becomes very difficult owing to such an environment, thus jeopardizing their future.
  3. Society under threat: School violence is essentially the start of criminal career of the students. To prevent the students from becoming criminals in later part of their lives and protect society as a whole, students need to be checked at the initial stages only.


The three problems listed above are just few of the many issues given birth by the problem of school violence, thus forcing us to tackle the issue of school violence with seriousness. We need to take corrective measures at the earliest to check the problem. Otherwise in the coming days, children would not be allowed by their parents to go to schools for taking education.


Students’ psychology must be studied in order to get to root cause of the problem and in turn stop this. It is necessary that both the parents and teachers work in tandem to tackle the situation. The best solution to this problem can be found only by joint efforts.