Public Elementary Schools in grip of school violence

Today even the public elementary schools are too affected by school violence. Such schools need to put in extra efforts to contain such violence.


Across the world over, school violence has emerged as a major problem being grappled by schools. This problem is not limited to the continents of the Americas and the Europe but indeed in different parts spread all around the globe.


Unfortunately the public elementary schools too are in grip of school violence which was earlier confined to higher grades. Even the kids of elementary schools become violent and aggressive in order to vent out their anger.


Quite clearly there are numerous factors that influence the minds of kids. The various cartoon and game shows on TV also contribute to rise in violent behavior among kids. The child’s mind gets disturbed from the violence and loads of action sequences that are shown on such programs. There are other factors as well that contribute to violence among kids. That includes watching their elders abusing others. The kids are quick in picking up habits. By watching others using abusive language they quickly learn those words and try to use them. As a result of this, it is of paramount importance that an ideal atmosphere is provided to the kids at home, otherwise it is possible they get negative impression of things. 


Teaching the children good habits by setting good example yourself would surely help in positive character development in the child. Further, the child’s routine at school and the friends with whom he/she is playing must be closely monitored. In case the child is facing any type of issue at school or with friends, then parents must take swift action and if needed change the school and friends of the child. This has a direct influence on the child’s future and no gamble must be played with it.


Private schools are a bit better than public schools in terms of statistics of school violence. By looking at the current statistics, we can see that rate of physical violence in the public elementary schools is 76%. However, the private schools are bit better in terms of school violence by having the figure at 62%.


A report on the account of abnormal behavior shown by the students was presented by a non governmental organization in Florida. This organization took note of the reports submitted by the school teachers. There was a difference in figures of abnormal behavior shown by students of both schools, in public elementary schools the score was 32.4% in contrast of 22% students in private. 


Though a large difference was not noted in figures of school violence of both the schools, but it was emphasized that the problem of school violence must be dealt with immediately. However the accountability of the public elementary school managements was surely under question. As per the report, only 64.7% of the total cases of victimized students were registered by the public schools. However, when the parents of the public elementary schools students were contacted, some shocking truths were revealed. As per the parents, the toll of peer relation problems rose to 93.6%.   Quite strange!