Statistics about school shooting

Containing violence among kids with proper guidance, love and care is of paramount importance for their own future and for society as a whole to progress.  



School violence refers to incidents of violence taking place at school. There are numerous incidents of school violence when violent students wreaked havoc in schools. Many times in the past, students have killed their fellow students, teachers and principals.


If one wants to browse through statistics of school shooting, the same can be accessed using internet. You can login to internet and search for school shooting statistics on Google. Here you will get numerous results relating to school shooting. Thus internet can be quite useful in laying hands on information about the incidents that have happened in the past. Such information can be handy while designing a strategy to fight the problem of school violence.


Nobody is born with violent behavior. The type of upbringing of the child plays a major role in making a child as such. Right attitude can be provided to the child by parents, teachers or schools only by providing right type of upbringing. Violent attitude can creep in a child owing to severe depression or any kind of stress and anxiety.


Violent behavior includes everything ranging from bullying, threatening, beating, theft, larceny and vandalism etc. Children with severe violent behavior can even kill others as well. For instance one teacher and twelve students in Columbine High School were killed and twenty one others were injured in the year 1999 by students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.  There are other such gruesome incidents like Bath School Disaster, Virginia Tech massacre and University of Texas massacre.


Such kind of violence in kids can be prevented by making sincere efforts. However to make our efforts successful, parents, teachers and schools need to pay enough attention to every child. Internet can be of great help in combating the menace of school violence. In case you are clueless about school violence you can take help of some websites. There are numerous websites available which provide loads of information about the same. Such websites can be easily visited by anyone. Guidance and instructions are also provided to teachers and parents by such websites.


To reduce violent attitude in children a range of classes can be used:


  1. Counselor: To reduce violent behavior in a child, a counselor can be of great help. Counselors can talk with the students having violent behavior. They can help such kids resolve issues troubling them. The counselors can also discuss with the child’s parent and teachers as well depending on the situation.                                       
  2. Meditation: Meditation can be of great help in relaxing one’s body.  With this, both the heart and soul are pleased. Body becomes relaxed and one feels full of energy and healthy if this is practiced regularly.                                                                                          
  3. Anger management classes: Such classes would be of great help for the kids in controlling their anger, thus controlling their violent behavior with ease.


Thus for the child to have a bright and secure future, the responsibility lies with schools, teachers and parents. They need to teach and shape the child in proper way.