Aftermaths of School Violence

School violence is the talk of the town these days. With more crime happening inside a school rather than the outside world, school violence should be the talk of the town. Schools in the present day world are cutting a sorry figure simply because of such cases of violence and other activities which are illegal. If you take a closer look, the students bully, fight and brawl with other students, tease and indulge in activities which are far from the liking. The use of drugs like marijuana and other narcotics are prevailing in schools even after repeated attempts by the authorities to eradicate such actions. However such things are still in the offing and there are many students who are victims of school violence.


Talking about the aftermaths of school violence, it would be sufficient to write off that the life of the particular individual who was affected is over. Yes, it is curtains for that student who was a victim of school violence. The victims of school violence are not only the students, but also parents, teachers and the school authorities as well. It would have been better if the aftermaths ended with the affected people. The country is also the one which is gravely affected because of school violence as the students are the future of any country.


The students who are victims of bullying, physical abuse, verbal abuse and other forms of violence develops inferiority complex in these students. The students who are potential leaders of tomorrow never grow up in an atmosphere of certainty if they become victims of school violence. They become victims of insanity and severe psychological illness. It would not inappropriate if we mention affected students as mental retards because affected students never grow out of that shell of darkness.


The bully students who have that arrogant attitude when they leave their schools are in a much severe position than the previous case. These arrogant students will never be able to bend according to situations and they will be tested severely by the outside world. Just consider a student who was the big Don in his school and when he gets out of the school after his graduation (A hypothetical situation where the student survives that long in a single school) he will be subjected to severe tests and conditions which he will never be able to adjust and with an arrogant attitude he tends to dominate the other people which is nothing but axing himself.


The aftermaths of school violence does not end with the affected students and the parents of the affected students. The school carries a bad name and in most occasions it is shut down, much to the misery of other students who are studying there. On the whole school violence is very serious issue and if it is not controlled and handled properly then it will leave lots of wounds which will take at least a decade to heal. Recall the incidents that took place in Virginia Tech in 2007 and Columbine High School in 1999 which are still fresh in the minds of most people.